Character Treatment Jennifer Duran

Jennifer Duran

26 years of age

Dark Brown hair.

Dropped school and ran away.

Has no children, no meaningful relationships with anyone.

Adoptive parents do not speak to her, in fact they fear her.

She was problem child.

Once her real dad stalked her school and almost told her she was her real dad, she is aware of this,

hates her adoptive parents sees them as fakes.



Tall, slender very athletic woman extremely attractive.

Very intelligent and quick witted.

Technology wise and dirty street fighter.

She is a walking contradiction, loves children but is afraid of them or becoming connected with anyone in a meaningful way, dreads rejection.

She fears her deep emotions.

Has a lot of rage deep inside her which she channels through crime.


She puts together robberies along side 3 other criminals.

They have never been caught and believe they will never be.


She wished to meet her real father one day but has almost given up as she would be an embarrassment to him if he knew what she did for a living.



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