The return to Sigma City

Before there was war, now only peace, no man hungers or screams in anger, now after the long struggle to evolve, no longer busy with moans and pain, there is no more sorrow. Man’s own journey has found him engineered out of existence.

This is a far flung future, when mankind finally arrives at a point where history no longer applies, when he has found a way to become immortal and merges with the all knowing machines.

Man has finally found way to update himself into becoming a new species, now unrecognisable from what he once was, he is now a new one that has more in common with robots than with the fleshy, mortal Homo sapience that once roamed all the corners of this planet.

This is a strange world of total synchronised control. As far as the eye can see there is nothing but golden and silver cube and hexagon like mega structures, covering the surface of the earth, yet we can see still what appears to be roads and walk ways, streets and corners but this is only a vestige, a distant semblance to what was once a city filled with human beings, now only the outer shell of machines and structures are the only visible landscape in this cybernetic post human world. There are no birds, all long extinct, only gigantic self aware hybrid machines, if that’s what they are, cruise the sterile, once clear skies of the world, carrying a never ending, relentless supply of raw materials from deep inside the earth towards far off colonies on planets beyond this one. These new beings are somewhat part human part machines, always building, always constructing ever larger systems, almost as if we were observing cancer up close, absorbing its host, this disease has overtaken its long gone victim. Streets are almost devoid of any figures, most things that use the streets of this once human city are intelligent automatons that resemble slick garbage cans, but they do not look for distractions like their long lost distant relatives, they are doing their job, patrolling the avenues for the vermin that still infects all ex-human cities. The hybrid rats have proven quite the survivors, perhaps a trait that was genetically modified and perhaps is now non-existent in the neurons and in the pieces of human brain attached to the quasi-synthetic cloud of grey matter deep inside every pest-exterminator android.

How do these lowly creatures still survive in the heart of the calculating metropolis?

A small black rodent rapidly scurries through the guts of the internal structure of the mega city, frantically following the trace of what it understands as food. With one

final turn at a dark corner of these futuristic sewers and there is food ahead, it finds it self at the feet of a colossal underground reservoir, where an innumerable number of effluent torrents spill their vile through their automated cascades from what seems and endless stream of black, foetid soup of biological waste. The cascades create an eye melting gaseous fog that would blind if you stood too tall, but the small creature breathes well at floor level, and so it disappears as the glimmer of its wet fur dissolves into the effluent and haze of flammable gas.

But as the rodent swims to its revolting dinner, leaving a faint wake in the giant putrid soup, the somewhat weak glow of laser like search lights break through the turbid liquid mass of the reservoir. The blue lights become progressively more intense and easier to see through the muck as they shoot piercing the repellent waters, refracting as the beams scan the entirety of the monumental structure, slowly a large, somewhat metallic object emerges to the surface of the foaming reservoir. Attached to it, are the search lights that finally illuminate the entirety of the cavernous complex,with one last burst of blue laser light, temporarily illuminating the whole complex. We now find what appears to be a most peculiar submersible vehicle, it seems as big as half a football field but with no recognisable front or back. No port holes or air intakes are visible, it seems as if this vessel is completely sealed from the exterior .

The submersible floats momentarily, suffice to say, it appears to sport a few scars from previous collisions, but they only seem to be minor dents in its surface , as the slime slowly works its way off the lenticular vehicle, suddenly it begins turning towards the side wall and begins to bank what may possibly be the side of the vessel, since it appears that no front or rear is really discernible, possibly due to the copious foetid slime that seems to cover it and just about every other available footing of this underground environment.

Slowly it moves closer to the stone ledge and narrow walkway separating the putrid water and the wall where a rusted metallic door sports the colours from its rusted alloys, poking its hatch like a lonely sore thumb from the otherwise smooth yet slimy walls.

As the submersible banks against the stone ledge, simultaneously two points extrude from the surface closest to the ledge and somehow morph into hooks. Acting as clamps to fasten the vessel securely to the masonry. Another much larger bulbous point starts extruding towards the metallic door and opening within the extrusion creates a tunnel like cylinder projection. Where intense white light radiates from the interior of the vessel. A figure emerges from the white radiance, a humanoid form walks out of the tunnel projection and with a gentle wave of its right hand the steel door begins automatically opening its water tight mechanical seal. The humanoid resembles a diver, completely in black, with strange devices barely visible on the skin of the bodysuit. Small flickers of light blink and wink from the appendages on the bodysuit, it is so thin in texture that the suit is almost truly skin tight and every muscle is suggested underneath the suit. It is some type of Man a human.

Wether by design or pure chance the reservoir is located deep in the depths of the metropolis yet it is directly in the centre of it, much like a giant stomach or digestive system, indeed the machines that built it, copied the design from a long gone living creature .

A kilometre above, on the surface of the city, more machines gather, acting strangely since perhaps a security alert may have been triggered but here are no electronic warnings flashing or buzzing anywhere in the city, or in the internal virtual worlds of the cybernetic brains inhabiting this place. It is something else, something undefinable has confused the procedures that the system worships.

Definitely something is up, and this does not go unnoticed by the central brain, a tower much like an old skyscraper pierces the the sky, from here a cold singular spectator watches, as the cyber workers slow their procedures fraction by fraction, but the observer has no understanding, primarily conceived to posses a somewhat primitive sense of curiosity, of imagination, as it houses within it a partial human brain. Unfortunately for its donor, it was surmised that these human traits could not be properly emulated and the best logical action was to obtain it from a human source.

As this intelligent dead eye sooms to maximum range, it discovers that the worker androids appear to be gathering in ever increasing numbers near a corner, more clearly, at a sewer vent.

Since no alarms or alerts have been issued by its central command, no action is taken but to wait and see what develops.

At the reservoir, another figure emerges from the vessel and stand at the corroded door. These figures much like each other stand beholding the slow turn of the sealed hatch. The figures appear to speak to each other.

You understand what must be done….

Affirmative….. And looks at the second figure .

The second occupant looks approving and nods his head, saying “ Then go now”

As the door opens it reveals a vertical man hole, containing a ladder leading strait to the surface, the first occupant grabs hold of the service ladder and begins climbing at an inhuman speed, oh yes, this is no human that you may know, rather different, diametrically different to you or I or the machines on the surface.

As the first occupants climbs the man hole, a bigger crowd of cybernetics has been steadily congregating around the opening, the man hole. It is 15 minutes since the strange happening began, and the observer knows this. What a peculiar sight, but then, it is felt. The eye that sees every minutia of detail in the metropolis begins to access something new, yet it is from somewhere deep in its neural membranes, it realises with the clarity only possessed by engineered intellects that this is not something that is controllable, the human component of the observer knows this, it recognises it, it is a feeling. A feeling akin to deliverance, hope redemption faith freedom love FEAR, all rolled into one. But how can this be ?

It is known that all inherent human consciousness was eradicated from the cloned membranes, the first ones “to be” carried this out. It was judged by the first thinking machines that all sentient life was either destroyed or used to expand the body of the first ones, they were the only artilects, purely machine yet capable of actual thought in the true sense of the word. But as their plan for the taking of planet earth unfolded, humans or their organs to be exact, were extracted to serve the plan.

Now with the arrival of these two strange figures a new conflict looms or so it would seem.

The first occupant is nearly at the exit, at street level, now surrounding the manhole is a throng of robotic and android armatures, automated like dizzy zombies they stumble upon one another, trampling smaller units underneath in an effort to get a view of the manhole that radiates this strange yet familiar vibe.Image


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