First exercise in creative writing.

Lionel nudges Jack 's shoulder.

Lionel nudges Jack ‘s shoulder.


Storyboarding on trainUsing what we see.

Armaguard truck.


long legged women carrying small suitcases.

City markets

Massage Parlous and open neon sign

Traffic lights


Armaguard Truck waits with it engine on facing east, the two guards inside wait while their team mates make the pick up at the museum.

on the same side of the street but  20 meters in front of the truck a young beautiful woman that looks like she just stepped out of a hair salon, appears to have just made it to the lights. She seems in a hurry and is pulling a small suitcase with wheels on it. Suffice to say she is very attractive her figure emphasized by her long straight black hair.

Inside the Truck the oldest of the armaguard officers stares at his  watch as they wait for the pick when the he notices this gorgeous woman walking in the direction of their truck.

He nudges the other officer at the wheel who seems to be daydreaming of a much more exiting job and answers with an aloof “Huh?”.

Old Security Guard Lionel; “Check out that little morsel coming this way Jack. If I wasn’t married… He, he, he.” laughing.

Jack: ” oh, I see, hey so whatcha gonna do for your retirement party man?”

Lionel: ” Dont you bring that up, NOTHING! alright”.

Jack: “that’s fucked mate”.

Lionel: ” oooh she’s sweet, look”; while pointing and at the young woman.

Suddenly the young woman appears to trip over and lands on one knee,  one of the wheel of her suit case snaps and rolls quickly towards the armaguard truck and stops flat underneath it.

Inside the truck:

Guards notice this just when Lionel’s stop watch goes off signalling the exit of the other 2 guards from the museum.

Jack:” I guess that’s it aye”

Lionel:” Yeah, yeah my last load for the company, do you really have to remind me man”.

Woman composes herself and examines her bag.

retiring Security Guard begins opening his passenger side door with a remote control device, locks are heard snapping unlocked through the Truck as the two other security are half way to the truck.

Train station


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